Inspired by posts with useful links at blog by Piotr Paradziński I decided to create similar one with package containing interesting materials about Wicket and accompanying libraries. I am going to update this post in the future as new things appear.

Most important links

  1. Project official website
  2. Very active and very helpful mailing list
  3. Live examples of components usage – link i mirror
  4. Project Wiki
  5. Dzone Refcard about Apache Wicket
  6. Javadocs of Apache Wicket projects – javadocs of Wicket, Wicket-extensions and some other Wicket libraries in one place
  7. Latest Javadocs  for 1.4.15 Wicket version

Wicket extras, add-on libraries and tools

  1. wiQuery – jQuery integration with Wicket
  2. WicketStuff – many different components (integrations with various JavaScript libraries, additional classes and projects extending capabilities of Wicket) with examples
  3. WicketCool – project by Paul Szulc helping with rapid application development using Wicket, Spring 3 and JPA2.
  4. Maven archetypes for Wicket by jWeekend  – project starters with many different technologies: JDBC, JPA, Spring 3.0, Hibernate, Guice or WarpPersist
  5. Enhanced Wicket Tester – improved version of WicketTester project making testing Wicket app much easier, also from Paul Szulc.
  6. Brix, CMS using Wicket
  7. Visural Wicket – set of very attractive, interactive and useful Wicket components (live demo)
  8. Wicketopia – Rapid Application Development (RAD) library for Wicket framework
  9. FiftyFiveWicket – set of tools increasing productivity of development process using Wicket (helper methods, wrappers for integration with Spring, etc.)

Tutorials, guides

  1. Two [one] [two], extremely good presentations from workshops by Mystic Coders
  2. Interesting 5-part tutorial by Mystic Coders
  3. Set of articles, tutorials about Wicket – link
  4. Wicket Patterns & Pitfalls: very good tutorial about Open Session in View in Wicket and about solving typical problems while developing application using this framework: 1, 2, 3, 4
  5. Articles about Wicket at  jWeekend website
  6. Apache Wicket – a little different framework, Rafał Jaskółka (in Polish)
  7. Many very good posts about Wicket on blog by Jacek Laskowski (in Polish)
  8. Wicket by example: blog with many examples presenting how to do different tasks using Wicket
  9. Wicket dos and don’ts, article showing what to do and what not to do when we use Wicket framework in our project
  10. . London Wicket Group – slideshows and other materials from programmers using Wicket

Example applications

  1. Web appplication using Wicket, Spring and Hibernate by James Carman
  2. MysticPaste by Mystic Coders – code snippets pastebin with sources available at GitHub

I hope somebody, except me of course :), will find this post useful.

Last updated: 16/07/2011