A few days ago it turned out that somewhere on the Internet there is a person or maybe two who think that my blog posts are a little bit above pathetic, boring, useless level and maybe if they re-post them on their website, their click ratio and number of visitors will increase. Pretty naive thinking but who knows 🙂

So they’ve contacted me and asked if I want to join their DZone Most Valuable Blogger (MVB) Program (more details here). Why not, I thought. And after a few e-mails I can officially  announce:

I am member of Most Valuable Blogger Program at DZone

But you may ask What it really gives?

  • I have this cool badge you can see on the right
  • My ugly face is among many people than are much smarter than me. So If you calculate average smartness it will look that I am much smarter than in reality which is good
  • I actually can go and say Hi, I am MVB too to many well-known people in the Java World: Matt Raible, Hamlet D’Arcy, Martin Fowler and many others
  • Maybe my boss will give me a raise? Boss, Boss, are you reading this?
  • Tomek Nurkiewicz is no longer the only person from Poland in the MVB program. Update: It appeared that there are more Poles (Adam Warski, Łukasz Budnik) on that list that I expected. Good for us 🙂
  • I received a bonus +1o to my e-peni …  erhhm… my e-charisma

Ok, end of this stupid jokes 🙂

What it really gives is a satisfaction that all this blogging is worth something because some people really thing it is worth their time to visit and read what I am writing here. That’s really, really cool and it makes writing new posts a lot easier. And of course blogging has some other, concrete benefits. I was given a few books to review. Someone even invited me to be a member of Conference Program Comitee (do I have to mention that I received free conference ticket ? 🙂 ). And I am working in a really, really cool company. But most important is that I had an opportunity to meet and discuss with many really experienced people and try to learn something from them, share opinions and knowledge. And in my opinion that is the biggest benefit.

So keep visiting this blog. I will try not to let you down and write something interesting from time to time 🙂

PS: If you think that this MVB is cool, please check this guy that I have a pleasure to work with. Konrad was interviewed and is featured in the latest Java Magazine published by Oracle, this Oracle! This is impressive. Congratz again man! 🙂