My impressions after six months with Varidesk standing desk

I was thinking about buying a standing desk for quite some time, but always when I was almost convinced to buy one, I had one unsolved problem: what to do with my old, wooden desk. It is a solid furniture with four drawers where I store many indispensable things and I didn’t want to toss it away. But about six months ago my friend showed me a new furniture in his home office – a VariDesk standing desk. I needed only a few looks to know that I want it too 🙂   varidesk_official


Varidesk is a producer of adjustable standing desks that can be placed on any table or desk so you don’t loose your old furniture, you only augment it with standing-desk functionality. Because at work I am using two external 27’‘ monitors I have ordered the largest model named Pro Plus 48. And the first thing I have noticed after package have arrived to my home is that this thing is huge and really heavy.

I had to help the courier to carry it to the third floor and after unboxing it I really struggled to put it on my desk. But after a few tries I have finally done it and I could start arranging cables to use my new setup.

This is how it looks in sitting mode:

As you can see it is a really large desk, but thanks to this two large monitors fit there easily. Mine are 27’’ but there is still some free room so even two 30+ should be fine. Another good thing is that there is still plenty of space left for your mug of coffee, a notebook or any random stuff you often have on your desk. Varidesk has a special spring-assisted lifting mechanism so even with two monitors on board it can be easily lifted up to standing mode. And changing positions is a matter of only a few seconds.

Materials used to build Varidesk are solid and easy to clean, nothing is creaking, nothing is swinging loose. There are also versions in white colour but I black looked more attractive to me.

Standing mode:



Whole setup is very stable (Varidesk is so heavy for a reason), its height is adjustable (11 different positions) and, what is very important for me, I can still use my old desk and its drawers to store stuff. Additionally it looks really, really impressive in a standing mode. One friend when she saw it for the first time compared it to some kind of center of operations 🙂

So if you are thinking about a standing desk I can recommend Varidesk as a good choice. They offer various models with different sizes and setups so everyone should be able to find something suited to their needs.