Most clicked articles published in December 2016 at JVM Bloggers project.

Because so far JVM Bloggers does not have a feature to list the most popular articles from each month, I have decided to prepare one manually using simple SQL query:

So my approach is to count all clicks from given month and the first half of next one so posts published at the end of month have two weeks to reach some audience.

Best content in December 2016

In December there were five issues (64, 65, 66, 67 and 68) published with 102 links to articles from Polish programmers and IT companies. Below list of most popular ones.

Top 10 from personal blogs

  1. 7 grzechów rekrutacyjnych ( i co można z nimi zrobić) – link
  2. Why should you care about equals and hashcode – link
  3. Code Review Essentials – link
  4. Pair Programming Essentials – link
  5. Happy New Year 2017!!! – link
  6. Single Responsibility Principle Explained – link
  7. Wyjątki w Java: NullPointerException – link
  8. The Power of Open/Closed Principle – link
  9. Be elastic. Search. – link
  10. 11 obowiązkowych aplikacji na Androida – link

Top 5 from company blogs:

  1. Zaskakujące sytuacje podczas szkoleń – link
  2. 5 sposobów na lepszą komunikację biznesu z programistami – link
  3. Reader & Constructor-based Dependency Injection – friend or foe? – link
  4. Sonarqube – wprowadzenie do statycznej analizy kodu – link
  5. Zwinny networking – link

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