Welcome in 2017 – new and shiny year full of hope that at least small percentage of our New Year’s Resolutions will last longer than a few weeks

One of the things I had in my mind for last few months was that look of my blog needs more love. But as usual, there was always something more important or more fun to do so this topic was left undone. But then I have switched from Mac Book Pro and OS X to desktop workstation with Windows 10 and suddenly working with Octopress that was under the hood of my blog became a real pain. Now I had a serious reason to take a deeper look at available blogging options.

After two days of researching for a nice new theme it was clear that if I want a really good one I need to switch back to WordPress as it is the most popular blogging platform with many both free and paid themes, plugins and tools. Of course I could stay with Octopress, find a decent template, spend several evenings on configuring it on Win10, then spend even more time on adjusting overall look and plugins to my needs. But as I grow older I am more aware that the most limited resource in my life is time, so I have decided to choose WP and a custom theme. Paraphrasing famous sentence by Jamie Zawinski:

Octopress is only free if your time has no value.

So I have decided to pay a bit and migrate to hosted WordPress. Another change was to migrate from .pl to .com domain as vast majority of my articles are written in English. All old links should be valid and automatically redirected to new domain. Obviously migrating content from Markdown to WordPress wasn’t easy and required some manual work, but now finally I am very happy with the final result of this small revolution. But if you have any feedback or spot something half-migrated please let me know 🙂

All the best in 2017!