Last, third post with my notes from GeeCON 2014 conference. Pretty short? I am not going to justify myself, but it was third day and everyone was a bit tired after two intensive days and nights in Cracow.

Tomasz Kowalczewski – Reactive Java

  • Something almost “reactive” is already in JDK8: Completable Future, more reading: “Java 8: Definitive guide to CompletableFuture”
  • RxJava has nice DSL allowing to configure observables in elegant way
  • Project has good wiki, worth to dive deeper
  • Observables can be easily converted to Iterator (good for step-by-step migrations)

Tom Bujok – 33 things you want to do better

Sander Mak, Paul Bakker – Modular JavaScript

  • CommonJS (preferred one) and AMD
  • Chuck Norris Stamp Of Approval – image 😉

Sandro Mancuso – Crafted Design

  • Controller only controls the flow, usually only invokes use_cases
  • use_cases, package for logic/features
  • Packages by feature
  • There were too many diagrams hard to describe in text so you should really check slides

Michael Feathers – Beyond Error Handling