2016 was the first full year when JVM Bloggers project was running so to sum up this period of time I have gathered some numbers to share with you.


Number of newsletter issues published on our website. Before application was launched, issues were sent only to Polish JUGs’ mailing lists.


Number of new blogs added to JVM Bloggers project so they could be monitored. 33 of them were personal blogs, 8 were from IT companies and 8 from video channels. To add your blog create a Pull Request with a new entry to one of these files.


Issue #50 was the first published online at our website at 28th August.


Number of blog posts published by the most active blogger – Koziołek.


Number of commits in 2016 in master branch. Below more detailed stats:


During 2016 we have published 1306 articles (blog posts, video recordings, etc.). This gives 25 articles to read every week published at JVM Bloggers.


Number of messages posted on our Slack channel where we discuss new features and occasional bugs.

Commit history visualisation

And as an extra, short visualisation of JVM Bloggers development created by Marcin Kłopotek:

If you want to join and help with JVM Bloggers development, please catch us on Slack 🙂