It’s been some time since I passed my Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) version 1.5, but maybe this post will help somebody to choose his way to prepare to this exam and also increase his chances to score better.

Useful stuff

  • SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 5 Study Guide (Exam 310-055), simply “must have” for anyone planning to get his own, shiny SCJP certificate. This book covers everything you may encounter at the exam. I read it once from cover to cover and repeated chapters that contain areas I didn’t fell comfortable (Generics, Threads).
  • exam simulator EnthuWare JQ+, it costs only 25$ or 18$ (discount for students) and I helped me significantly to achieve better result
  • your favorite IDE to test your ideas, doubts and just to play with example questions from book and simulator.
  • Mariusz Lipiński’s blog (beware: it’s in Polish) where author describes his preparations to the exam in form similar to “Two minute drill” from Sierra & Bates book
  • JavaRanch SCJP Forum where you can meet authors of book I mentioned above

General tips

  • If you don’t have experience with using Java language in various projects better do all tests you can get (book, simulator, free test from the Internet) because after doing it your efficiency in finding traps, nuances will increase a lot.
  • Money spent on exam simulator are never wasted money
  • Experiment, play any time when you are unsure whether something works this way or another. Are you wondering what would happen if this question looked a little different? Don’t only think, launch your IDE and check any variation that comes to your mind. My experiments with Netbeans gave me a lot knowledge and confidence that I really understand the topic.
  • Don’t extend your preparations for too long. Pick a date, even in 3-4 months, when you are going to take the exam and consequently try to make it. Having such “deadline” in your head you will be more determined and regular. I have a friend who is studying for SCJP for more over than half a year and his preparations seems to be endless 🙂

More about other peoples preparations can be found at:

PS: And I got 80% 🙂