So far, for those who want to use Mercurial for private projects and in a small development teams it was hard to find a good and free place to host source code. Bitbucket, one of the most interesting sites of this type which additionally offers very clear web interface, had a restriction allowing only one private project. Others, unfortunately, had to be public. This is not what I was looking for.
And when I already planned migration to the Dropbox-Mercurial combo as it is described in this post, this morning in my inbox I found the information about the merge BitBucket with Atlassian.

Nothing extraordinary, one company has been overtaken by the other, but there is one detail worth noting. On the occasion of merge Bitbucket extended capabilities of  free accounts. From today, you could have free unlimited number of private and public repositories of unlimited size. The only limit is number of people (max 5 including the owner) who could share each project. This is some kind of limit but for a small teams or home-made projects this should pose no problem. In addition, there is special offer until 3rd October where you can choose subscription with a limit of 10 members. This plan is free for 12 months and is a good option if you have bigger project on the horizon 🙂

More info about Bitbucket joining Attlasian can be read here.