In my current project for a first time I am working with Mercurial version control system. And here are some links, materials and tutorials which I found very useful at the beginning of work with this distributed source code management so different than CVS or SVN.

  1. – Short but very concise tutorial written by Joel Spolsky, yeah that Joel 🙂 All written in a very entertaining way
  2. TortoiseHg – popular application known from its versions for SVN/CVS with version for Mercurial
  3. Mercurial (hg) with Dropbox – Article explaining how to connect Mercurial with Dropbox to end with free self-backuping repository.
  4. MercurialEclipse – Eclipse plugin allowing to work with Mercurial from this IDE
  5. Mercurial – the Definitive Guide – Book explaining almost every detail of Mercurial
  6. Mercurial by Example (PDF) – Mini article showing how to use Mercurial with easy to follow examples
  7. Branch i merge w Mercurial – Guide how to create branches, how to merge and how spend only a few moments (in contrary to SVN) on merging two distant branches
  8. Development workflow for Mercurial – article at TechRepublic

And as always, the latest list of articles and tutorials can be found on the Wiki site –